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“Last nights session took me really deeply inside myself. I feel the sounds created lifted me into yet another great space, enabling me to take each day as it comes and to drop the anxiety, fear, doubts and worries that invade us from time to time."

Every Tuesday and some Thursdays 7.30 - 9.30 pm
Solfeggio Deep Sound Healing at Bove Town House

Our Sound Healing workshop takes place in a comfortable, clean and warm space with plenty of blankets and cushions.  No need to bring your own. 

During the session, all participants receive some
 personal attention via Solfeggio Tuning Forks and other Solfeggio Frequency tuned instruments that are placed directly on the body together with a selection of alchemy crystal bowls, crystal tuning forks and pyramids and drum. This session also includes a 20-minute meditation with our powerful Solfeggio tSunami, a 7 ft high gold topped pyramid strung with all nine frequencies in the form of 3 inch diameter horizontal chimes.  We have also recently acquired two Paiste Planetary Gongs of Mercury and Pluto - two exceptional gongs bringing the powerful transformational frequencies of each planet into our energetic space.

This is a very powerful experience and participants report they can go very deep into theta brain waves creating deep relaxation and promoting creativity, wholeness and intuition.  

We provide healthy refreshments afterward to help ground participants before they leave.  This is very important.

Come and meet like-minded people, and experience something utterly unique.  

If you have not been able to book your place, we can add you to our mailing lists and contact you if a space becomes available.

CDs of our 'Solfeggio Sojourn' are available priced £10. They have great sound quality and are recorded the old-fashioned way for full sound clarity.  

£15 per session includes refreshments.

Call 01458 898789 for further details.

All our events take place at Bove Town House unless specified. 




"Absolutely brilliant. Will be in touch when I have recovered my power of speech!"

"This evening feels like it's been a very concentrated healing for me. Definite sense of some kind of a breakthrough just before the end."

"I certainly felt some stuff beginning to shift. Your house is so beautiful with a very soft and welcoming atmosphere. It felt very safe (and beautifully warm) which is so important when I am struggling to find the courage to let go."

“I slept till 9.30am this morning! (unheard of!) I feel like I’ve had some profound healing energy.”

“I have what’s known as a Brachial Plexus Injury. I suffered terrible damage to the nerves in this area in an accident 16 years ago. One of the side effects of this injury is random pain “attacks” that manifest in my fingers. For about 3 days prior to last night’s session I was getting these pains but today they seem to have gone away!”

“I find the sound healing profoundly nurturing and healing, its like going in very deep inside for a reorganisation that is so needed and being lightly escorted there and very supported while it happens. I love the natural joy that arises from these sessions, and the lightness and relief of heaviness of physical pains, and constrictions.”

“Just want to say a big "THANK-YOU" for an amazing Solfeggio evening.  I really felt things moving in quite a dramatic and uncomfortable way. In fact, at one stage I thought I might have to leave the room! Just as I was getting to that point, Shannon came along and put the tuning fork on my left shoulder and in that moment everything was still. It was amazing and very wonderful. My whole body relaxed and was at peace in that moment.”

 “I would like to thank you for the fantastic sound healing workshop yesterday. I have appreciated it very much.  Quite a few of my deeper issues have been released thanks to your workshop.” 

"I came to your session with J. & am based in London. I just wanted to thank you for that session. It is always difficult to say what healing took place, but the session was very deep & substantial. As a therapist myself,  I want to say how impressed I was at how you conducted the session, creating a safe boundaried space & every aspect of the session was well thought through & created - it was a pleasure to experience!"

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