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Why not treat yourself to one of our relaxing in-house therapies during your stay at Bove Town House.  Our therapy rooms sit on the Mary Line and are a peaceful haven from the bustle of life - perfect for energy work, sound healing therapy, and subtle touch body work.

A massage therapist also operates from the Therapy Room in the Courtyard Annex.

Body Treatments
with Trevor Tredgett


Trevor offers powerful and transformational deep healing therapy that includes unique tailor-made combinations of subtle touch, sound, voice analysis, crystals and counselling. He works intuitively to help clients explore their current patterning and issues in order to facilitate self-healing and release.  


Since 1976 Trevor has undertaken eclectic training in a number of areas often working with innovators who were developing and teaching cutting edge new techniques.  He has worked simultaneously in the Corporate, Therapeutic and Esoteric environments. Communicating  with simple, relevant language, Trevor enables clients to experience the Present Moment where issues may seem to be miraculously resolved.  


Each session is totally unique and is centred wholly on your current needs and therefore the time required is variable.    

Clients need to wear soft loose clothing and some work will take place on a massage table.

Rates for healing are £50 for an hour, £65 for one and half hours, or £80 for two hours.
First sessions tend to last an hour and a half.  Contact us to book a session.

Sound Healing Workshops

Trevor and Shannon hold regular deep Solfeggio Sound Healing workshops using the Solfeggio Frequencies in the form of Alchemy Crystal Bowls, tuning forks and chimes.  These are open to the public and generally take place every weekat Bove Town House. Details for both these events are on our home page. For more information on the Solfeggio Frequencies, see the article below.


We can also offer private sessions at Bove Town House by prior arrangement at £80.00 for a one hour session for up to five participants. Further participants are an extra £15.00 per extra person up to a total of 9 people which may last up to 1 and a half hours.  These sessions are facilitated both by Shannon and Trevor. The amount of individual attention will depend on the number of participants. 


These sessions offer deep and profound relaxation, and many report that they sleep deeply after a session.  We use many other Solfeggio instruments that are too delicate or cumbersome to bring to our public workshops.  We have a special recliner for those who cannot sit or lie on cushions. Workshops are held in a warm, clean and comfortable room with refreshments to help ground participants afterwards for our regular group events. 

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